Read Armenian Women: Suggestions

A fascinating reading list of the work by Armenian women writers. Reblogging from Anahit of Erebunis, “an online platform that aims at celebrating the strength, resilience and wisdom of Armenian women in order to give them the place they deserve in our history and the knowledge of our common heritage and culture.”

Anahit of Erebuni

Following my Op-Ed for the Armenian Weekly titled Searching for Our Voice(s) amidst the Erasure of Armenian Women’s Writings, I have started a (non-exhaustive) list of writings by Armenian women (mostly in English) that I have read or would like to read, in case it can interest you too!

There are both resources available online, and books with links to online shops. I will keep adding up to the list as I learn more! Hope you enjoy it!

IMG_2414 Zabel Yesayan, @anahitoferebuni, originally for ARMAT

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