In the spirit of a joint blog, we extend the invitation to submit entries to the wider community this blog represents. If you are engaged in projects related to contemporary literatures of the former Soviet Union and its diasporas, we want to help publicize your work. We are particularly interested in pieces that showcase writers who have traditionally been marginalized due to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, and other forms of social exclusion. This blog is a step in centering our attention on their words.

Examples of what we’re looking for and submission guidelines:

  • Short essays: these can be personal, academic, or – since these are interrelated for many of us – some blend of the two (e.g., How writer X helped you adjust to life in immigration; You’re working on a short story or academic paper and want to write about all the fascinating things from your research that don’t fit into the finished work).
  • Book reviews of relevant titles. Please note that we do not accept manuscripts for review at this time (i.e., send us pitches for book reviews that you want to write, not your own book for us to review).
  • Lists of books on a relevant similar topic, with a brief write-up of each title.
  • Links to research, new publications, translations, etc. Please include a short description of what the link refers to.

We welcome your ideas. If you want to write on something not included here, please let us know.

Submissions should be sent in either Word or Google Docs. Please send submissions and questions to