NYC, October 30: Meet Jill! a bimonthly Women+ in Translation reading series

We love to see the growing momentum for the conversation about gender in translation. We particularly love to see how creative these initiatives have been.

A New York City group is starting up Jill!, a bimonthly Women+ in Translation reading series that spotlights women or nonbinary translators or translators of women or nonbinary authors (or both!).

The inaugural reading will take place this coming Wednesday, October 30th, at 7 pm. Location: Pen and Brush. 29 East 22nd street, New York, New York 10010.

The readers will be: Charlotte Whittle, reading work by the mid-century Argentinian avant-garde novelist and poet Norah Lange; Hilah Kohen, reading from a narrative poem by contemporary Russian author Lida Yusupova; and Larissa Kyzer, reading an excerpt from the novel A Fist or a Heart by Icelandic poet, playwright, and novelist Kristín Eiríksdóttir.

For more details and full bios, check out announcement on Pen and Brush’s website. RSVP on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “NYC, October 30: Meet Jill! a bimonthly Women+ in Translation reading series

  1. wish I was there in general but especially Charlotte reading Norah Lange– just such an awesome author who has been so overlooked (a bit like Sylvana Ocampo– City Lights just published two volumes of her, a total of three women doing the translation.) And really appreciate the diversity of regions being read in that reading….

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