How Should We Review Translations? Part II

Asymptote journal continues its discussion about translating and reviewing literature. The focus this time is on Korean poetry, but the issues raised are relevant to other translated literatures.

“To me, the most interesting aspect of reviewing a translation—above and beyond the accurate and thoughtful accounting of the book in question that all reviews require—is imagining how it will affect and be affected by its reception within the standards of specific reading communities. Or to put it another way: how the translation speaks to the context of a reading community and how that community speaks to the translation.”

One thought on “How Should We Review Translations? Part II

  1. Such a rich discussion. I love one of the points that Lauren Albin makes: “it’s our job, as diligent readers, to seek out the things that are seemingly unfamiliar and to listen while remaining open to being changed, moved or completely bowled over.” The moments when you realize you’re facing something you don’t understand are so precious! That’s the beginning to an entirely new way of thinking.

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