Interview with Sophia Shalmiyev

Sophia Shalmiyev’s (Mother Winter) interview with Katie Collins Guinn in Nailed magazine is remarkable for the way it allows Shalmiyev’s voice to come through. There’s a sense of true intimacy between the interviewer and interviewee that allows us to dive deeply into Shalmiyev’s writing, and her relationship with art and family.

A fantastic read, this piece also offers us photographs of Shalmiyev’s art.

I have only wanted for women and girls to pick up the book and find other women to follow and emulate and try on and discover and research and then pass the torch. That was part of the goal. There are codes and messages in a bottle and secret passageways but nothing that’s sacred or hidden in a sadistic way. So much of the cannon is about saying that some piling on of allusions is sophisticated and enlightened and a test of whether you are in the club. I read a bunch of the club. I don’t hate it. Ezra Pound is problematic on so many levels but I did get what I needed from him. He is not my people. And so I wished to do something in the same vein but for my own tribe. Sappho is my mother. She is a legend because a stitching is performed around her words and persona every day. It’s a parallel process for me.

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